Monday, July 18, 2011



The average facade temperature of the globe has increased more than 1 degree Fahrenheit since 1900 and the speed of warming has been almost three folds the century long average since 1970. This increase in earth’s average temperature is called Global warming. More or less all specialists studying the climate record of the earth have the same opinion now that human actions, mainly the discharge of green house gases from smokestacks, vehicles, and burning forests, are perhaps the leading power driving the fashion. 
The gases append to the planet's normal greenhouse effect, permitting sunlight in, but stopping some of the ensuing heat from radiating back to space. Based on the study on past climate shifts, notes of current situations, and computer simulations, many climate scientists say that lacking of big curbs in greenhouse gas discharges, the 21st century might see temperatures rise of about 3 to 8 degrees, climate patterns piercingly shift, ice sheets contract and seas rise several feet. With the probable exemption of one more world war, a huge asteroid, or a fatal plague, global warming may be the only most danger to our planet earth.

Global Warming Causes 

The major cause of global warming is the emission of green house gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc into the atmosphere. The major source of carbon dioxide is the power plants. These power plants emit large amounts of carbon dioxide produced from burning of fossil fuels for the purpose of electricity generation. About twenty percent of carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere comes from burning of gasoline in the engines of the vehicles. This is true for most of the developed countries. Buildings, both commercial and residential represent a larger source of global warming pollution than cars and trucks.
Building of these structures requires a lot of fuel to be burnt which emits a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Methane is more than 20 times as effectual as CO2 at entrapping heat in the atmosphere. Methane is obtained from resources such as rice paddies, bovine flatulence, bacteria in bogs and fossil fuel manufacture. When fields are flooded, anaerobic situation build up and the organic matter in the soil decays, releasing methane to the atmosphere. The main sources of nitrous oxide include nylon and nitric acid production, cars with catalytic converters, the use of fertilizers in agriculture and the burning of organic matter. Another cause of global warming is deforestation that is caused by cutting and burning of forests for the purpose of residence and industrialization.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

WORLD energy consuption is increasing day by day. the world energy production which has 269 exajoules in 1972 increases to 690 exajoules in the year 2000 and is likely to go above 1000exajoules at the end of year 2020. despite of this enormous increses in production, toatl energy requirment of world is not fulfilled. with the ever increasing population and advenmt of new technologies the wolrld energy requirment is likely to be continuosly increasing. this scraity of energy making it more and costilier.
the short term measure to handle this scrity is conservation and management. the long term measurees extension of fossil fuel usages and exloration of new reserves. on the other hand, renewable resourses have to be developed sufficently , so that they can take up a siginificant supplementry role in energy sceneand eventually replacing non renewable resourses.

as we can see fossil fuel are still the major energy supplying sources and they are also depleting at a very rapid rate. thus renewable soureces have to be devlopeded. Various major energy rfesources and their contribution in world scednario is discussed below:
COAL: in 1925 83% of the world energy suply depended on coal . in1950 it reduced to 33% with the hikes in prices of oil in 1973 and 1979 coal re emerged as world's chepest fuel.
it has been estimated that about 6000BILLION TONNES of coal lioes under the earth out of which 200 BILLION TONNES haas ben used and remaining coal will be suffice for the next 200 years.
OIL AND GAS: oil is one of the major source of energy in use now a days. almost 40% of the energy need of the world are completed by oil. but it is very unevenly distributed over the earth . U.S.A mexico U.S.S.R. and the west asian region iran iraq saudi arabia kuwait U.A.E. qatar and bahrain are the major oil producing countries of the world rest of the world depends upon these countries for thier needs. as a result of which oil proces are increasing at a very  rapid rate. oilprice which was 3$per barral in 1973 is pver 140$ per barral today and likely to increase more. further with resent stock of 250000 million tonnes of oil it would be suffice only for 100 years so an alternative have to be found out.
the second major source of enrgy is expected to be natural gas with resent gas reserves of 6000 to 10000 trillion cubic feet it will be suffice  only for the next 50 years.
NUCLEAR POWER: Contribution of nuclear power in worlds total energy roduction which was only 2 exajoules in 1972 is likely to become 314 exajoules by the end of 2020. Nuclear power can be the solution to the world’s energy supply problem, as complete fission of 1 kg of u235 gives energy which can be obtained by burning 4500 tonnes of coal or 2200 tonnes of oil.

                                High capital cost, limited availlabilty of raw material mand danger of radioactive pollution hinders the growth of nuclear energy.
 RENEWABLE RESOURCES: With limited availability and high cost of conventional energy sources, world is now looking for renewable energy sources for its energy needs. Major renewable energy sources are solar energy,hydro energy,wave power,wind power and biomass energy. of these hydro electric ower is the best devloped, providing 5% of the world’s energy supply in the form of very cheap electricity.
                                Solar energy is also a better option as if we can tap only 5% of the total solar energy reaching on earth, it can fulfil our energy requirment 50 times.
                                The major problem with the use of renewable sources is their diffuse of dilute nature. For example. To reduced a 1 mile square of nuclear ower station, 25 miles square of a solar power station  will be required.

Monday, July 11, 2011


This word PETROL.....means a lot in everyone's life ....but the way it's price is increasing day by day and .....the way we are wasting it is also increasing....we are not understanding the value of the a survey it is declared that petrol or any type of fuel will only give us 100 more services after that it will be a mystery for a human being ...and for new generation...we can save petrol by many ways but we just don't want to listen anything...nor we want to follow any rule....if someone will try to give some change no one will follow it....or no one will support it....why this all happen when we know that the petrol is limited for us.....plz  give suggestion how we can save the fuel.....

Thursday, July 7, 2011


RAIN...a known word to all of us we can utilize this rain water we do not know....if we know about this so we never apply it in our daily routine.there are many ways we can use the resources  of portable water are very we should save the rain water for our domestic purposes...
                             its placement  depends upon the purpose and the place where it is going to be install.if you want to recharge the earth then you can make a pit in a earth surface and make the sloping way for water  so that water easily go to the it.this is fro recharging the earth which is require in this era.
                             and if you want to store water for domestic purpose than you can install a tank at the earth surface and then make a separate pipe line for the roof so that the rain water directly come to the tank,which is connected through the separate pipe line.

as such in collages we can recharge our ground easily, because it has larger area comparing to other the larger area it can be beneficial to us, as more area of roof can be taken into work and thus it will supply more water to the tank which is installed to store the water.collages like in hilly area can easily recharge the ground because then fro collages we have to excavate the hilly area and it will provide the sloping ground thus by making soaping ground we can recharge them will increase the water level of the particular area and make it at a suitable height that we can easily get portable water from the resources

Monday, July 4, 2011

tell me

guys tell me ....
how we can save earth.......?
give me your opinion......!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


IN This era we got a chance to pay back nature...we have got many thing from our nature but  human not understanding the value of water of our environment......there are some global issues on which we should do something in a small scale . if every one starts doing something in small scale we will able to spread our work in whole world.
we are waisting water .
we are not storing rain water .
we are polluting our environment.
we are waisting the non renewable sources.
i will tell you how we can remove this not word in the above sentences and where we can put not.....
this is the meaning of "royal chance "....take the benefit guys.....

one for all