Sunday, April 8, 2012

 Deep within the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala, this civilization flourished when Europe was still in the Dark ages. These people were the masters of mathematics and had mapped the heavens. These warriors called Maya had fought the Spanish. The cities were built with utmost perfection without any metal tool. The stone structures found in jungle talks about the genius they were. The Mayas are a mystery in themselves as such great architecture doesn’t seem to belong to that era.
The underground world called Cenote are water bodies which will make a chill rn down your spine if you manage to walk down the narrow stairs that led to this vertical hole. Nothing in the world can be more bizarre than the sight you see when you get used to light under 20 feet.

Tupai is a low-lying atoll in Society Islands, French Polynesia. It lies 19 km to the north of Bora Bora and belongs to the Leeward Islands. This small atoll is only 11 km² in area.


this is our nature .nature of earth beautiful so pure....but unfortunately due to our modern age this type of places are remained as a picture no where we can find this type of place which give us a pleasent feeling of nature...but if we try we can get back that time when this type of view can be seen every where in the winter save the earth from depletion and get back that time ..THE GOLDEN TIME

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yuhi nahi ye hunar kamaya hai humne,
Muhabbat ki, Dil toota, tab ye Mizaaj Shairana ban paaya hai...!!!

one for all